Function rkf45::rkf45_adaptive

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pub fn rkf45_adaptive(
    y: &mut [f64],
    dydt: &impl Fn(f64, &[f64]) -> Vec<f64>,
    options: &AdaptiveOdeSolverOptions
) -> Result<Vec<f64>, Error>
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Solves an initial value problem using RKF45 with adaptive time-stepping.

The method of error control and time step refinement are described in Press and Teukolsky’s Adaptive Stepsize Runge-Kutta Integration, Computers in Physics 6, 188 (1992).


  • y: Slice containing the initial value of the solution. This will be updated in-place.
  • dydt: Function that evaluates the time derivative of y.
  • options: Specifies parameters for the solver.


  • Vector estimating total elementwise numerical error incurred by integration.