pub trait FilterBindingsTypes: InstantBindingsTypes + TimerBindingsTypes {
    type DeviceClass: Clone + Debug;
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Trait defining required types for filtering provided by bindings.

Allows rules that match on device class to be installed, storing the FilterBindingsTypes::DeviceClass type at rest, while allowing Netstack3 Core to have Bindings provide the type since it is platform-specific.

Required Associated Types§


type DeviceClass: Clone + Debug

The device class type for devices installed in the netstack.



impl FilterBindingsTypes for netstack3_core::testutil::FakeBindingsCtx


impl<TimerId, Event, State, FrameMeta> FilterBindingsTypes for netstack3_core::testutil::context::FakeBindingsCtx<TimerId, Event, State, FrameMeta>
where TimerId: Debug + PartialEq + Clone + Send + Sync, Event: Debug,