Module fxfs::object_store

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  • Like object_handle::Writer, but allows custom transaction options to be set, and makes every write go directly to the handle in a transaction.
  • ExtentKey is a child of ObjectKey for Object attributes that have attached extents (at time of writing this was only the used for file contents).
  • Object-level attributes. Note that these are not the same as “attributes” in the ObjectValue::Attribute sense, which refers to an arbitrary data payload associated with an object. This naming collision is unfortunate.
  • ObjectKey is a key in the object store.
  • An object store supports a file like interface for objects. Objects are keyed by a 64 bit identifier. And object store has to be backed by a parent object store (which stores metadata for the object store). The top-level object store (a.k.a. the root parent object store) is in-memory only.
  • UNIX epoch based timestamp in the UTC timezone.




  • StoreObjectHandle stores an owner that must implement this trait, which allows the handle to get back to an ObjectStore and provides a callback for creating a data buffer for the handle.