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Extension traits and functions for interfacing with the Inspect API


  • An inspect node that represents a stream of data, recording the total amount of data transferred and an instantaneous rate.
  • “Fire and forget” representation of some inspect data that does not allow access inspect handles after they are created.
  • A wrapper around a type T that bundles some inspect data alongside instances of the type.


  • Convenience function to create a string containing the debug representation of an object that implements Debug
  • A trait representing the inspect data for a type T that will never be mutated. This trait allows for a simpler “fire and forget” representation of the inspect data associated with an object. This is because inspect handles for the data will never need to be accessed after creation.
  • Represents inspect data that is tied to a specific object. This inspect data and the object of type T should always be bundled together.
  • Convert a type to the correct supported Inspect Property type. This is used in Bluetooth to ensure consistent representations of values in Inspect.