Macro clap::value_t

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macro_rules! value_t {
    ($m:ident, $v:expr, $t:ty) => { ... };
    ($m:ident.value_of($v:expr), $t:ty) => { ... };
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Convenience macro getting a typed value T where T implements std::str::FromStr from an argument value. This macro returns a Result<T,String> which allows you as the developer to decide what you’d like to do on a failed parse. There are two types of errors, parse failures and those where the argument wasn’t present (such as a non-required argument). You can use it to get a single value, or a iterator as with the ArgMatches::values_of


let matches = App::new("myapp")
              .arg_from_usage("[length] 'Set the length to use as a pos whole num, i.e. 20'")

let len      = value_t!(matches.value_of("length"), u32).unwrap_or_else(|e| e.exit());
let also_len = value_t!(matches, "length", u32).unwrap_or_else(|e| e.exit());

println!("{} + 2: {}", len, len + 2);