Macro clap::app_from_crate

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macro_rules! app_from_crate {
    () => { ... };
    ($sep:expr) => { ... };
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Allows you to build the App instance from your Cargo.toml at compile time.

Equivalent to using the crate_*! macros with their respective fields.

Provided separator is for the crate_authors! macro, refer to the documentation therefor.

NOTE: Changing the values in your Cargo.toml does not trigger a re-build automatically, and therefore won’t change the generated output until you recompile.

Pro Tip: In some cases you can “trick” the compiler into triggering a rebuild when your Cargo.toml is changed by including this in your src/ file include_str!("../Cargo.toml");


let m = app_from_crate!().get_matches();