pub trait UhfBackend: ParBlocksSizeUser {
    // Required method
    fn proc_block(&mut self, block: &Block<Self>);

    // Provided methods
    fn proc_par_blocks(&mut self, blocks: &ParBlocks<Self>) { ... }
    fn blocks_needed_to_align(&self) -> usize { ... }
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Trait implemented by UHF backends.

Required Methods§


fn proc_block(&mut self, block: &Block<Self>)

Process single block.

Provided Methods§


fn proc_par_blocks(&mut self, blocks: &ParBlocks<Self>)

Process several blocks in parallel.


fn blocks_needed_to_align(&self) -> usize

Returns the number of blocks that should be passed to Self::proc_block before Self::proc_par_blocks can be used efficiently. This is always less than Self::ParBlocksSize.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.