pub trait ConstantTimeLess: ConstantTimeEq + ConstantTimeGreater {
    // Provided method
    fn ct_lt(&self, other: &Self) -> Choice { ... }
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A type which can be compared in some manner and be determined to be less than another of the same type.

Provided Methods§


fn ct_lt(&self, other: &Self) -> Choice

Determine whether self < other.

The bitwise-NOT of the return value of this function should be usable to determine if self >= other.

A default implementation is provided and implemented for the unsigned integer types.

This function should execute in constant time.


A Choice with a set bit if self < other, and with no set bits otherwise.

use subtle::ConstantTimeLess;

let x: u8 = 13;
let y: u8 = 42;

let x_lt_y = x.ct_lt(&y);

assert_eq!(x_lt_y.unwrap_u8(), 1);

let y_lt_x = y.ct_lt(&x);

assert_eq!(y_lt_x.unwrap_u8(), 0);

let x_lt_x = x.ct_lt(&x);

assert_eq!(x_lt_x.unwrap_u8(), 0);

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.

Implementations on Foreign Types§


impl ConstantTimeLess for u8


impl ConstantTimeLess for u16


impl ConstantTimeLess for u32


impl ConstantTimeLess for u64


impl ConstantTimeLess for u128