Module regex_syntax::ast

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Defines an abstract syntax for regular expressions.


  • This module provides a regular expression parser.
  • This module provides a regular expression printer for Ast.


  • An alternation of regular expressions.
  • A single zero-width assertion.
  • A capture name.
  • An ASCII character class.
  • A bracketed character class, e.g., [a-z0-9].
  • A Perl character class.
  • A Unicode character class set operation.
  • A single character class range in a set.
  • A union of items inside a character class set.
  • A Unicode character class.
  • A comment from a regular expression with an associated span.
  • A concatenation of regular expressions.
  • An error that occurred while parsing a regular expression into an abstract syntax tree.
  • A group of flags.
  • A single item in a group of flags.
  • A grouped regular expression.
  • A single literal expression.
  • A single position in a regular expression.
  • A repetition operation applied to a regular expression.
  • The repetition operator itself.
  • A group of flags that is not applied to a particular regular expression.
  • Span represents the position information of a single AST item.
  • An abstract syntax tree for a singular expression along with comments found.



  • A trait for visiting an abstract syntax tree (AST) in depth first order.


  • Executes an implementation of Visitor in constant stack space.