pub trait BlockRngCore {
    type Item;
    type Results: AsRef<[Self::Item]> + AsMut<[Self::Item]> + Default;

    // Required method
    fn generate(&mut self, results: &mut Self::Results);
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A trait for RNGs which do not generate random numbers individually, but in blocks (typically [u32; N]). This technique is commonly used by cryptographic RNGs to improve performance.

See the module documentation for details.

Required Associated Types§


type Item

Results element type, e.g. u32.


type Results: AsRef<[Self::Item]> + AsMut<[Self::Item]> + Default

Results type. This is the ‘block’ an RNG implementing BlockRngCore generates, which will usually be an array like [u32; 16].

Required Methods§


fn generate(&mut self, results: &mut Self::Results)

Generate a new block of results.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.