Trait log::Log

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pub trait Log: Sync + Send {
    // Required methods
    fn enabled(&self, metadata: &Metadata<'_>) -> bool;
    fn log(&self, record: &Record<'_>);
    fn flush(&self);
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A trait encapsulating the operations required of a logger.

Required Methods§


fn enabled(&self, metadata: &Metadata<'_>) -> bool

Determines if a log message with the specified metadata would be logged.

This is used by the log_enabled! macro to allow callers to avoid expensive computation of log message arguments if the message would be discarded anyway.


fn log(&self, record: &Record<'_>)

Logs the Record.

Note that enabled is not necessarily called before this method. Implementations of log should perform all necessary filtering internally.


fn flush(&self)

Flushes any buffered records.