Function httparse::parse_headers

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pub fn parse_headers<'b: 'h, 'h>(
    src: &'b [u8],
    dst: &'h mut [Header<'b>]
) -> Result<(usize, &'h [Header<'b>])>
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Parse a buffer of bytes as headers.

The return value, if complete and successful, includes the index of the buffer that parsing stopped at, and a sliced reference to the parsed headers. The length of the slice will be equal to the number of properly parsed headers.


let buf = b"Host:\nAccept: */*\n\nblah blah";
let mut headers = [httparse::EMPTY_HEADER; 4];
assert_eq!(httparse::parse_headers(buf, &mut headers),
           Ok(httparse::Status::Complete((27, &[
               httparse::Header { name: "Host", value: b"" },
               httparse::Header { name: "Accept", value: b"*/*" }