• Case-closed debugging capabilities.
  • Represents the state of a CCD capability.
  • State of case-closed debugging features on this device.
  • Response code type for cr50 commands.
  • Vendor-specific TPM response codes.
  • Enum defining the types of LogEntrys that can be returned.
  • Union passed to OnChange() event handler of |PhysicalPresenceNotifier|.
  • Protocol used to notify client of a pending physical presence event. This protocol has no form of backpressure because it is not expected to generate a large number of messages. An unlock or open will usually result in less than 20 messages.
  • All the errors that can be returned by the CR50 for the PinWeaver protocol.
  • The PinWeaver protocol defines the low level interface to the CR50 firmware for low entropy credentials. This interface allows the caller which should be a high trust component the ability to seal high entropy secrets behind rate-limited low entropy secrets which can only be unsealed if the correct low entropy secret is provided and the rate limit has not been reached.
  • Authentication can succeed and fail three distinct ways see the TryAuth() method for how. This response is returned on all TryAuth() calls with one member of the union being filled based on the success or error type.



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