pub const SIGNAL_UTC_CLOCK_SYNCHRONIZED: u32 = 16777216;
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A user signal that indicates that the UTC clock has been synchronized with an external time source.

We assume that the external time source has a better estimate of the actual “wall clock” UTC time than our device.

You may wait on this signal if you want your code to sleep until the UTC clock gets synchronized with an external time source.

When this signal is active, the clock was synchronized with an external source reasonably recently. The error bounds represent the system’s best estimate of wall clock UTC time.

When this signal is inactive, the clock was last updated from a source that is not external or was never updated at all. This can occur after a reboot, or a resume. The UTC clock may have been set from the real time clock (RTC), but we may not know if RTC matches wall clock.

If you need finer-grained info on the UTC clock error, you must check the error bounds via zx_clock_get_details.

This signal being active does not establish clock trust, and should not be used as such. Also, we can not guarantee that the signal will stay active after a notification. Clients should not assume that the clock remains in a certain state after a signal.

The value is an alias for ZX_USER_SIGNAL_0.