pub trait RequestStream: Sized + Send + Stream + TryStream<Error = Error> + Unpin {
    type Protocol: ProtocolMarker<RequestStream = Self>;
    type ControlHandle: ControlHandle;

    // Required methods
    fn control_handle(&self) -> Self::ControlHandle;
    fn from_channel(inner: AsyncChannel) -> Self;
    fn into_inner(self) -> (Arc<ServeInner>, bool);
    fn from_inner(inner: Arc<ServeInner>, is_terminated: bool) -> Self;

    // Provided method
    fn cast_stream<T: RequestStream>(self) -> T { ... }
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A stream of requests coming into a FIDL server over a channel.

Required Associated Types§


type Protocol: ProtocolMarker<RequestStream = Self>

The protocol which this RequestStream serves.


type ControlHandle: ControlHandle

The control handle for this RequestStream.

Required Methods§


fn control_handle(&self) -> Self::ControlHandle

Returns a copy of the ControlHandle for the given stream. This handle can be used to send events or shut down the request stream.


fn from_channel(inner: AsyncChannel) -> Self

Create a request stream from the given channel.


fn into_inner(self) -> (Arc<ServeInner>, bool)

Convert this channel into its underlying components.


fn from_inner(inner: Arc<ServeInner>, is_terminated: bool) -> Self

Create this channel from its underlying components.

Provided Methods§


fn cast_stream<T: RequestStream>(self) -> T

Convert this FIDL request stream into a request stream of another FIDL protocol.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.