pub trait ExtendableOutputCore: UpdateCore + BufferKindUser
where Self::BlockSize: IsLess<U256>, Le<Self::BlockSize, U256>: NonZero,
{ type ReaderCore: XofReaderCore; // Required method fn finalize_xof_core( &mut self, buffer: &mut Buffer<Self> ) -> Self::ReaderCore; }
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Core trait for hash functions with extendable (XOF) output size.

Required Associated Types§


type ReaderCore: XofReaderCore

XOF reader core state.

Required Methods§


fn finalize_xof_core(&mut self, buffer: &mut Buffer<Self>) -> Self::ReaderCore

Retrieve XOF reader using remaining data stored in the block buffer and leave hasher in a dirty state.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.