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A multi-producer, single-consumer queue for sending requests across asynchronous tasks.

Channel creation provides Receiver and Sender handles. Sender can make requests that await a response from the Receiver. Every message sent across the channel is packaged with a Responder that is used to respond to that request. A Sender will wait until a response is received before Sender::request completes.


When all Sender handles have been dropped, it is no longer possible to send requests into the channel. As such, Receiver::receive will return an error.

Clean Shutdown

If a Receiver is dropped, it is possible for there to be messages in the channel that will never be processed. If a clean shutdown is desired, a receiver can first call Receiver::close to prevent further messages from being sent into the channel. Then, the receiver can handle all messages in the channel and be dropped.


  • The responding end of a channel.
  • Responds to a single request with a value.
  • The requesting end of a channel.


  • Create a new asynchronous channel with a bounded capacity, returning the sender/receiver halves.