Type Alias argh::CommandInfoWithArgs

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pub type CommandInfoWithArgs = CommandInfoWithArgs<'static>;
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Information about the command including the options and arguments.

Aliased Type§

struct CommandInfoWithArgs {
    pub name: &'static str,
    pub description: &'static str,
    pub examples: &'static [&'static str],
    pub flags: &'static [FlagInfo<'static>],
    pub notes: &'static [&'static str],
    pub commands: Vec<SubCommandInfo<'static>>,
    pub positionals: &'static [PositionalInfo<'static>],
    pub error_codes: &'static [ErrorCodeInfo<'static>],


§name: &'static str

The name of the command.

§description: &'static str

A short description of the command’s functionality.

§examples: &'static [&'static str]

Examples of usage

§flags: &'static [FlagInfo<'static>]


§notes: &'static [&'static str]

Notes about usage

§commands: Vec<SubCommandInfo<'static>>

The subcommands.

§positionals: &'static [PositionalInfo<'static>]

Positional args

§error_codes: &'static [ErrorCodeInfo<'static>]

Error code information