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timekeeper is responsible for external time synchronization in Fuchsia.


enums 🔒
A collection of enumerations that are used widely across Timekeeper, usually in both operational and in diagnostics code.
estimator 🔒
rtc 🔒


Timekeeper config, populated from build-time generated structured config.
The information required to maintain UTC for the monitor track.
The information required to maintain UTC for the primary track.
Describes the timesource to be installed.
A definition which time sources to install, along with the URL and child names for each.


The experiment to record on Cobalt events.


Creates a new userspace clock for use in the monitor track, set to the same backstop time as the supplied primary clock.
Determines whether the supplied clock has previously been set.
main 🔒
The top-level control loop for time synchronization.
Attempts to initialize a userspace clock from the current value of the real time clock. sending progress to diagnostics as appropriate.