Type Alias term_model::config::MockConfig

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pub type MockConfig = Config<HashMap<String, Value>>;

Aliased Type§

struct MockConfig {
Show 17 fields pub padding: Option<Delta<u8>>, pub env: HashMap<String, String>, pub font: Font, pub colors: Colors, pub window: WindowConfig, pub selection: Selection, pub shell: Option<Shell<'static>>, pub config_path: Option<PathBuf>, pub visual_bell: VisualBellConfig, pub scrolling: Scrolling, pub cursor: Cursor, pub working_directory: Option<PathBuf>, pub debug: Debug, pub ui_config: HashMap<String, Value>, pub hold: bool, pub render_timer: Option<bool>, pub persistent_logging: Option<bool>, /* private fields */


§padding: Option<Delta<u8>>

Pixel padding

§env: HashMap<String, String>

TERM env variable

§font: Font

Font configuration

§colors: Colors§window: WindowConfig

Window configuration

§selection: Selection§shell: Option<Shell<'static>>

Path to a shell program to run on startup

§config_path: Option<PathBuf>

Path where config was loaded from

§visual_bell: VisualBellConfig

Visual bell configuration

§scrolling: Scrolling

How much scrolling history to keep

§cursor: Cursor

Cursor configuration

§working_directory: Option<PathBuf>

Shell startup directory

§debug: Debug

Debug options

§ui_config: HashMap<String, Value>

Additional configuration options not directly required by the terminal

§hold: bool

Remain open after child process exits

§render_timer: Option<bool>§persistent_logging: Option<bool>