Macro syn::parenthesized

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macro_rules! parenthesized {
    ($content:ident in $cursor:expr) => { ... };
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Parse a set of parentheses and expose their content to subsequent parsers.


use syn::{parenthesized, token, Ident, Result, Token, Type};
use syn::parse::{Parse, ParseStream};
use syn::punctuated::Punctuated;

// Parse a simplified tuple struct syntax like:
//     struct S(A, B);
struct TupleStruct {
    struct_token: Token![struct],
    ident: Ident,
    paren_token: token::Paren,
    fields: Punctuated<Type, Token![,]>,
    semi_token: Token![;],

impl Parse for TupleStruct {
    fn parse(input: ParseStream) -> Result<Self> {
        let content;
        Ok(TupleStruct {
            struct_token: input.parse()?,
            ident: input.parse()?,
            paren_token: parenthesized!(content in input),
            fields: content.parse_terminated(Type::parse)?,
            semi_token: input.parse()?,