pub async fn open_child_component_exposed_dir(
    child_name: &str,
    collection_name: &str,
    realm: &RealmProxy,
    exposed_dir: ServerEnd<DirectoryMarker>
) -> Result<(), Error>
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Opens the exposed directory of a child in the specified Realm. This call is expected to follow a matching call to create_child.


  • child_name: The name of the child to bind.
  • collection_name: The name of collection in which the child was created.
  • realm: The Realm the child will bound in.
  • exposed_dir: The server end on which to serve the exposed directory.


Ok Result with a DirectoryProxy bound to the component’s exposed_dir. This directory contains the capabilities that the child exposed to its realm (as declared, for instance, in the expose declaration of the component’s .cml file).