Controller 🔒
A controller for creating and manipulating the Network Test Realm.
Connects to protocols within the hermetic-network realm.
Connects to protocols that are exposed to the Network Test Realm.



Values for creating an interface on the hermetic Netstack.
URL for the realm that contains the hermetic network components with a Netstack2 instance.


Connector 🔒
A type that can connect to a FIDL protocol within a particular realm.
ResultExt 🔒


Returns a fnet_interfaces_admin::ControlProxy that can be used to manipulate the interface that has the provided id.
Creates a child component named child_name within the provided collection_name.
Destroys the child component that corresponds to child_ref.
Disables the interface with id using the provided debug_interfaces_proxy.
Enables the interface with id using the provided debug_interfaces_proxy.
Returns the id and the enabled/disabled status for the interface that matches mac_address.
Returns the scope ID needed for the provided address.
Creates a socket if socket is None. Otherwise, returns a reference to the socket value.
has_stub 🔒
Adds an interface with the provided name to the hermetic Netstack.
Installs a netdevice with the provided name on the hermetic Netstack.
main 🔒
ping_once 🔒
Sends a single ICMP echo request to address.