pub trait McfHasher {
    // Required method
    fn upgrade_mcf_hash<'a>(&self, hash: &'a str) -> Result<PasswordHash<'a>>;

    // Provided method
    fn verify_mcf_hash(&self, password: &[u8], mcf_hash: &str) -> Result<()>
       where Self: PasswordVerifier { ... }
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Trait for password hashing algorithms which support the legacy Modular Crypt Format (MCF).

Required Methods§


fn upgrade_mcf_hash<'a>(&self, hash: &'a str) -> Result<PasswordHash<'a>>

Upgrade an MCF hash to a PHC hash. MCF follow this rough format:


MCF hashes are otherwise largely unstructured and parsed according to algorithm-specific rules so hashers must parse a raw string themselves.

Provided Methods§


fn verify_mcf_hash(&self, password: &[u8], mcf_hash: &str) -> Result<()>where Self: PasswordVerifier,

Verify a password hash in MCF format against the provided password.