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This crate defines a set of traits which describe the functionality of password hashing algorithms.

Provides a no_std-friendly implementation of the Password Hashing Competition (PHC) string format specification (a well-defined subset of the Modular Crypt Format a.k.a. MCF) which works in conjunction with the traits this crate defines.

Supported Crates

See RustCrypto/password-hashes for algorithm implementations which use this crate for interoperability:

  • argon2 - Argon2 memory hard key derivation function
  • pbkdf2 - Password-Based Key Derivation Function v2
  • scrypt - scrypt key derivation function


This crate represents password hashes using the PasswordHash type, which represents a parsed “PHC string” with the following format:


For more information, please see the documentation for PasswordHash.






Type Definitions

  • Type used to represent decimal (i.e. integer) values.