pub fn update_ipv6_configuration<NonSyncCtx: NonSyncContext>(
    sync_ctx: &SyncCtx<NonSyncCtx>,
    ctx: &mut NonSyncCtx,
    device: &DeviceId<NonSyncCtx>,
    config: Ipv6DeviceConfigurationUpdate
) -> Result<Ipv6DeviceConfigurationUpdate, NotSupportedError>
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Updates the IPv6 configuration for a device.

Each field in Ipv6DeviceConfigurationUpdate represents an optionally updateable configuration. If the field has a Some(_) value, then an attempt will be made to update that configuration on the device. A None value indicates that an update for the configuration is not requested.

Note that some fields have the type Option<Option<T>>. In this case, as long as the outer Option is Some, then an attempt will be made to update the configuration.

The IP device configuration is left unchanged if an Err is returned. Otherwise, the previous values are returned for configurations that were requested to be updated.