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Rust fuchsia logger library.


Encapsulates Log Levels.
Convenient re-export of macros for globed imports Rust Edition 2018


Convenience macro for logging.
Convenience macro to log debug info.
Convenience macro to log error.
Convenience macro to log information.
Convenience macro to log trace info.
Convenience macro to log warning.
Convenience macro to log verbose messages.


Global reference to default logger object.
C API logger wrapper which provides wrapper for C APIs.


Initialize and return a syslogger that uses the sink socket.
Maps log crate log levels to syslog severity levels.
Get the severity corresponding to the given verbosity. Note that verbosity relative to the default severity and can be thought of as incrementally “more vebose than” the baseline.
Initializes syslogger using default options.
Initialize syslogger with a single tag and a log service channel socket.
Initializes syslogger with tags. Max number of tags can be 4 and max length of each tag can be 63 characters.
Checks if default logger is enabled for given log level.
macro helper function to convert strings and call log
macro helper function to convert strings and call log with null tag
Set default logger severity.
Set default logger verbosity.