Basic exception information associated with a particular exception. Maps to zx_exception_info_t.
A Stream of incoming requests for Handler
Generic wrapper over a thread exception. Mirrors closely the information given by an exception channel. Both |process| and |thread| will be valid if present.
Intended to be an information-only message that contains no handle.
Intended to be read only metadada associated with an exception waiting in limbo. The handles provided will only have read-only access to the resource, so no modification can be done to them.
A Stream of incoming requests for ProcessLimbo


What type of exception was triggered. Maps to the types defined in zx_excp_type_t. If zircon/syscalls/exception.h changes, this needs to be updates as well to reflect that.
Protocol meant for clients interested in handling exceptions for a particular service.
Protocol meant for clients interested in obtaining processes that are suspended waiting for an exception handler (in limbo). This is the core feature that enables Just In Time (JIT) debugging.


The maximum amount of exceptions that will be returned by a call to ListProcessesWaitingOnException or WatchProcessesWaitingOnException.


Type Definitions