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This crate provides wrappers around the underlying CoreFoundation types and functions that are available on Apple’s operating systems.

It also provides a framework for other crates to use when wrapping other frameworks that use the CoreFoundation framework.


Heterogeneous immutable arrays.
A Boolean type.
Core Foundation Bundle Type
A set of Unicode compliant characters.
Core Foundation byte buffers.
Core Foundation date objects.
Dictionaries of key-value pairs.
Core Foundation errors.
Immutable numbers.
Core Foundation property lists
An immutable bag of elements.
Immutable strings.
Core Foundation time zone objects.
A URL type for Core Foundation.
Core Foundation UUID objects.


Declare a Rust type that wraps an underlying CoreFoundation type.
Implement std::fmt::Debug for the given type.
Provide an implementation of the TCFType trait for the Rust wrapper type around an underlying CoreFoundation type.