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hci 🔒
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Args 🔒
Command line args
Perform an BrEdr scan command
Send raw HCI command
Send HCI reset command



Handles a simple HCI command target from the front end. Typically used for simple commands (like vendor test commands) with one command and one event response expected.
func 🔒
main 🔒
Parse program arguments, call the main loop, and log any unrecoverable errors.
Compares partial filter bt_addr to a full bt_addr. Returns true if there is a partial match.
Parses the repeating payload passed in as args to the tool. Attempts to parse all args as hex values. Supports comma, colon, and space seperated bytes and any bytes prefixed with “0x”.
Pumps the command channel stream, printing each event packet received.
Send a raw hex encoded command. Can optionally listen for multiple command packets.
Processes inquiry result events from the controller.

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