• A long-lived key that allows the Provider to be recognized as belonging to a certain user account.
  • Manages the set of saved Account Keys.
  • KeyList 🔒
    Convenience type for the serialization and deserialization of Account Keys.
  • Represents the 24-bit Model ID assigned to a Fast Pair device upon registration.
  • A key used during the Fast Pair Pairing Procedure. This key is a temporary value that lives for the lifetime of a procedure.
  • __Visitor 🔒
  • __Visitor 🔒
  • __Visitor 🔒


  • The maximum number of Account Keys that can be managed by the Fast Pair server. Account Keys will be evicted in an LRU manner as described in the GFPS specification. This limit is chosen as the minimum required by any implementation and provides ample space in the LE advertisement packet. See for more details.


Opaque Types

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