intProperty method Null safety

IntProperty? intProperty(
  1. String name

Returns an IntProperty with name on this node.

If an IntProperty with name already exists and is not deleted, this method returns it.

Otherwise, it creates a new property initialized to 0.

Throws InspectStateError if a non-deleted property with name already exists but it is not an IntProperty.


IntProperty? intProperty(String name) {
  if (_writer == null) {
    return IntProperty.deleted();
  if (_properties.containsKey(name)) {
    if (_properties[name] is! IntProperty) {
      throw InspectStateError(
          "Can't create IntProperty named $name; a different type exists.");
    return _properties[name] as IntProperty?;
  return _properties[name] = IntProperty._(name, this, _writer!);